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1 Hot Zones
1.1 Current Hot Zones
1.2 Previous Hot Zones
2 Zone Experience Multiplier (ZEM)

Hot Zones

Franklin Teek and Skal Nethus in The Plane of Knowledge offer quests related to hot zones.

The concept of Hot Zones was first introduced on June 13, 2006, and involves a number of zones in the world being marked "hot" for a period of time. The Hot Zone status entails the following:

The rewards and quests have so far remained in the game even after the Hot Zone set has expired.

Current Hot Zones

As of June 19, 2013.

Lvl Zone Continent Augmentation Drop Comments
20 Warslik's Wood Kunark Crystallized Dew
25 Marus Seru Luclin Melted Stone Crystal
30 Frontier Mountains Kunark Alpine Rune
35 Dawnshroud Peaks Luclin Moonbeam Pearl
40 Jaggedpine Forest Antonica Jaggedpine Resin
45 Burning Woods Kunark Burning Wood Coal
50 Corathus Creep Antonica Creepy Bone Chips
55 The Bloodfields Omens Hateful Eye
60 Undershore Antonica Undershore Fungus
65 Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind Planes of Power Elemental Core Not a very good zone, monsters come in packs and have a lot of hitpoints.
70 Wall of Slaughter Omens Desicated Tongue Watch out for high-level monsters, even raid bosses.
75 Oceangreen Hills The Void Oceangreen Clover
80 Hills of Shade Faydwer Dark Black Gem
85 Old Bloodfields The Void Dragorn Fang
90 Valley of Lunanyn Alaris Imbued Feather
90 The Grounds Antonica (HoT) Sentinel's Claw

Take note that the level quoted for the hot zone is not necessarily the level at which you can gain efficient experience in the zone, nor that the zone is appropriate for everyone. Neither should you assume that the zone is the best for its level; many other options exist, and many other factors determine whether a zone is good to level in.

Augmentation quest: Udumbara, the flower of legend from Skal Nethus in Plane of Knowledge, near the zoneline to the Guild Lobby, rewards Udumbara.

Franklin Teek in Plane of Knowledge, near the zoneline to the Guild Lobby, offers a quest for each hot zone that each reward experience, platinum and Defiant gear. For example, say level 50 to him and you get the quest A Simple Task - Level 50. These quests are well worth doing.

Previous Hot Zones

View the list of previous hot zones on ZAM.

Zone Experience Multiplier (ZEM)

In a "producer's letter" on January 14, 2001, and implemented with the January 17, 2001 patch, the concept of the Zone Experience Multiplier, also called ZEM, was introduced. The paragraph in the letter read:

Zone Experience

The first and perhaps easiest to explain change that we are making to the experience system is the modification of what we call the "Zone Experience Multiplier", or 'ZEM'. Currently, every creature in game of a given level yields a fixed amount of "Base Experience" (experience before it is allocated to group members). That base experience is then multiplied by the ZEM which is set to a value in correlation with the risk in a particular zone compared with the reward; at least, that is the goal.

Recently we evaluated many underutilized dungeons and considered reasons why they might be underutilized. Some people suggested that proximity of bind locations plays a part, and as such we are considering adding more binding locations to the game. We of course will not allow everyone to bind on the doorstep of a dungeon, but these changes should hopefully reduce the potential run for a melee class. While additional binding locations probably will not be in the next patch, we did want to discuss our thoughts on the matter.

Another suggestion, one that probably has the most merit, is that some dungeons are too risky given everything concerned. The natural conclusion is that we should increase the reward in order to offset the added risk. Our contention is that most people would rather be grouping and fighting their way through a dungeon because it's more fun, but feel "forced" to sit outdoors and camp zero-risk single spawns because it is safer and thus more efficient. While that statement might be true in an ideal world, it usually results in crowding in these popular outdoor zones (for example, Lake of Ill Omen or Oasis). The crowding in these zones really results in less efficient progress than one could make in a dungeon given a good group, but is still SAFE, at least ensuring that one will not have to tolerate "going backwards".

We can increase the reward of a particular dungeon in two fashions: We can either put in good loot, or we can change the ZEM. The problem with increasing the quality or quantity of loot is that if the loot is good enough, it's more likely to draw people far above the desired level range for the dungeon, making it some place that appropriately leveled folk choose to avoid. The second problem with the ever-increasing quality of loot is inflation: as good loot becomes more widely available, its value and the prestige value from owning it declines.

In this case, we decided that the most appropriate action for several underutilized dungeons would be to increase the ZEM; that is, increase the amount of experience that everyone gets when adventuring in the zone.

As of the next patch, you will receive additional experience (per kill) in the following zones:

Droga increased by 12%
Nurga increased by 12%
Solusek's Eye (SolA) increased by 13%
Najena increased by 13%
Befallen increased by 13%
Paw increased by 13%
Permafrost increased by 13%
Kaesora increased by 18%
Qeynos Catacombs increased by 20%
Runnyeye increased by 20%
Kerra Ridge increased by 20%
The Hole increased by 25%

In short, the developers wanted to spread out the playerbase and increase the rewards from venturing into dangerous areas. With the Ruins of Kunark expansion, it had become very popular to level in relatively easy outdoor zones, leaving many dungeons deserted.

The ZEM concept was expanded as the years passed. While never officially released, the most commonly quote multipliers are listed here, last updated early 2004. Two numbers usually float around; one is the bonus experience in percent, another is a number that runs off a base index of 75, meaning that 75 is no bonus and 150 is +100% bonus.

It is unknown (or untested) whether the multipliers have changed since then, and how it works in newer zones. Thus, the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

Hint: Click the table column headers to sort
Continent / Expansion Zone Bonus XP XP Index (75 base)
Antonica Befallen 113% 160
Antonica Blackburrow 33% 100
Antonica East Commons 0% 75
Antonica East Freeport 0% 75
Antonica East Karana 0% 75
Antonica Everfrost 0% 75
Antonica Gorge of King Xorbb 0% 75
Antonica Gukta, Outpost of Marr 33% 100
Antonica Halas 33% 100
Antonica High Keep 100% 150
Antonica Highpass Hold 6% 80
Antonica Innothule Swamp 0% 75
Antonica Jaggedpine 0% 75
Antonica Kithikor Woods 0% 75
Antonica Lake Rathe 0% 75
Antonica Lavastorm Mountains 0% 75
Antonica Lower Guk 6% 80
Antonica Misty Thicket 0% 75
Antonica Nagafen's Lair 6% 80
Antonica Najena 73% 130
Antonica Nektulos 0% 75
Antonica Neriak Commons 33% 100
Antonica Neriak Foreign Quarter 33% 100
Antonica Neriak Third Gate 33% 100
Antonica North Freeport 33% 100
Antonica North Karana 0% 75
Antonica North Qeynos 0% 75
Antonica North Ro 0% 75
Antonica Oasis of Marr 0% 75
Antonica Ogguk 33% 100
Antonica Permafrost 20% 90
Antonica Qeynos Catacombs 20% 90
Antonica Qeynos Hills 0% 75
Antonica Rathe Mountains 0% 75
Antonica Rivervale 33% 100
Antonica Runny Eye 33% 100
Antonica Solusek's Eye 73% 130
Antonica South Karana 0% 75
Antonica South Ro 0% 75
Antonica Splitpaw Lair 20% 90
Antonica Surefall Glade 33% 100
Antonica Temple of Cazic Thule 13% 85
Antonica The Feerrott 0% 75
Antonica Upper Guk 100% 150
Antonica West Commonlands 0% 75
Antonica West Freeport 0% 75
Antonica West Karana 0% 75
Faydwer Ak'Anon 33% 100
Faydwer Butcherblock Mountains 0% 75
Faydwer Castle Mistmoore 20% 90
Faydwer Crushbone 113% 160
Faydwer Dagnor's Cauldron 0% 75
Faydwer Felwithe 33% 100
Faydwer Greater Faydark 0% 75
Faydwer Kedge Keep 33% 100
Faydwer Lesser Faydark 0% 75
Faydwer Steamfront Mountains 0% 75
Faydwer Stonebrunt Mountains 0% 75
Faydwer The Estate of Unrest 73% 130
Kunark Burning Woods 0% 75
Kunark Charasis 13% 85
Kunark Chardok 13% 85
Kunark City of Mist 13% 85
Kunark Dreadlands 0% 75
Kunark Emerald Jungle 0% 75
Kunark Field of Bone 0% 75
Kunark Fironia Vie 0% 75
Kunark Frontier Mountains 0% 75
Kunark Kaesora 46% 110
Kunark Karnor's Castle 13% 85
Kunark Kurn's Tower 100% 150
Kunark Lake of Ill Omen -20% 60
Kunark Mines of Nurga 12% 84
Kunark Sebilis 13% 85
Kunark Skyfire Mountains 6% 80
Kunark Swamp of No Hope 0% 75
Kunark Temple of Droga 12% 84
Kunark The Overthere 0% 75
Kunark Trakanon's Teeth 0% 75
Kunark Veksar 33% 100
Kunark Warsliks Woods 0% 75
Legacy of Ykesha Crypt of Nadox 13% 85
Legacy of Ykesha Dulak's Harbor 13% 85
Legacy of Ykesha The Gulf of Gunthak 13% 85
Legacy of Ykesha Torgiran Mines 13% 85
Luclin Acrylia Caverns 20% 90
Luclin Akheva Ruins 13% 85
Luclin Dawnshroud Peaks 0% 75
Luclin Echo Caverns 6% 80
Luclin Fungus Grove 0% 75
Luclin Grieg's End 20% 90
Luclin Griming Forest 6% 80
Luclin Hollowshade Moor 0% 75
Luclin Katta Castellum 13% 85
Luclin Marus Seru 0% 75
Luclin Mons Letalis 0% 75
Luclin Netherbian Lair 6% 80
Luclin Paludal Caverns 113% 160
Luclin Sanctus Seru 13% 85
Luclin Scarlet Desert 0% 75
Luclin Shadow Haven 33% 100
Luclin Shadweaver's Thicket 0% 75
Luclin Shar Vhal 0% 75
Luclin Ssraeshza Temple 33% 100
Luclin Tenebrous Mountains 0% 75
Luclin The Deep 13% 85
Luclin The Grey -14% 65
Luclin The Maiden's Eye 0% 75
Luclin Twilight Sea 0% 75
Luclin Umbral Plains 20% 90
Odus Kerra Isle 20% 90
Odus Paineel 0% 75
Odus Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) 25% 94
Odus Stonebrunt Mountains 0% 75
Odus The Warrens 100% 150
Odus Toxxulia Forest 0% 75
Planes of Power Plane of Innovation 58% 119
Planes of Power Plane of Justice 58% 119
Planes of Power Plane of Nightmare 58% 119
Planes of Power Plane of Storms 58% 119
Planes of Power Plane of Torment 58% 119
Planes of Power Plane of Valor 58% 119
Planes of Power Ruins of Lxanvom 58% 119
Velious Cobalt Scar 0% 75
Velious Crystal Caverns 13% 85
Velious Dragon Necropolis 13% 85
Velious Eastern Wastes 0% 75
Velious Great Divide 0% 75
Velious Iceclad Ocean 0% 75
Velious Icewell Keep 13% 85
Velious Kael Drakkel 13% 85
Velious Siren's Grotto 13% 85
Velious Skyshrine 13% 85
Velious Sleeper's Tomb 20% 90
Velious Thurgadin 13% 85
Velious Tower of Frozen Shadow 13% 85
Velious Velketor's Labyrinth 13% 85
Velious Wakening Lands 0% 75
Velious Western Wastes 6% 80

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