Hi! I'm Zliz, a Monk who has travelled a bit, but currently resides on the Antonius Bayle server. I have also been active on the Test server, Luclin, and on EQMac and Project1999.

I played EverQuest hardcore back in 2000-2002, and returned in 2009. To my delight, I found EQ a very rich and fun game, solo-friendly, and filled to the brim with nostalgia.

One tough aspect of EverQuest is finding information, as it is scattered across the web, some of it on obscure websites, via dead links, and on forum posts. This compendium is an attempt at being a full resource for EverQuest, in terms of game mechanics, technical information, game history, reference and links.

The compendium is not an item or NPC database, not a news site, and not a raid guide. Great sites already exist for those purposes.


Q: Who's the human in the logo at the top, and what is he wearing?

A: That's me, Zliz the Monk. For the screenshot I was wearing the following visible items:

Q: Is this a Monk-only EQ site?

A: Not at all, I'm just a Monk fan.

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