Subscription & Free to Play

EverQuest was historically a subscription-based game, costing approximately 15 USD monthly. All player accounts were equal, and could access the same amount of content

With a major patch on March 16, 2012, EverQuest became "Free to Play", aka. F2P. This means that anyone can create a free account that includes all expansions except the most recent two, and a restricted set of game rules. Players can pay to upgrade to a "Silver" account which has a bit fewer restrictions, and finally they can pay the standard monthly subscription fee for a "Gold" account and enjoy the full game.

You can get a complete, official overview of the subscription models in the "free to play matrix" here: EverQuest - Free To Play

Here is a a brief description of some of the most important aspects of the different subscription tiers:



Obtaining a Silver subscription level costs a one-time fee of 5 USD per account. It allows all the benefits of the Free account type, plus the following


A Gold account lifts all of the aforementioned restrictions, and allows 8 characters per server. A Gold account costs 14.99 USD per month as of 2013, and furthermore grants each account 500 Station Cash per month as long as the account has a recurring paymention plan.

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