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Travelling through EverQuest's enormous world in classic times was a time-consuming activity if one did not have access to teleports. With the Planes of Power expansion, the entire world became much more accessible through teleport stones in Plane of Knowledge. Since then, travel to and from new content has generally speaking been a much simpler matter, and available to all classes through special abilities.

Table of Contents

1 Determining Travel Path
2 Methods of Travel
2.1 Plane of Knowledge Teleport Stones
2.2 Other Teleport Stones
2.3 Gate
2.4 Teleport Spells
2.5 Anchors
2.6 Guild Hall Teleport
2.7 Wizard Spires
2.8 Items (Clickies)
2.9 Potions
2.10 AA Teleports
2.11 Boats
2.12 Translocators
2.13 Return Home from Character Selection Screen
2.14 Wayfarer Camps (Magus)
2.15 Other NPC Teleports

Determining Travel Path

The first thing to do is to determine a path to get to your intended destination. If you cannot remember adjacent zones by heart, there's an in-game help in the form of the Zone Guide Window. You can open the window either via a hotkey or by opening the Map Window and clicking the Zone Guide button in the top right corner.

Another way of finding a path is to view the zone's page on ZAM and clicking the 'Connected Zones' tab - for example Nagafen's Lair (Solusek B). If you can recognize a connected zone, aim for that zone first. If you're still lost, keep clicking connected zone links until you find something you recognize.

Methods of Travel

Plane of Knowledge Teleport Stones

The stone leading to The Steamfont Mountains, near Ak'Anon.

Plane of Knowledge has been the hub of Norrath ever since its introduction. People gather to trade, bank, sell to merchants, work on tradeskills, and most notably to travel.

Around the rim of the zone, several stones on raised platforms can be clicked to teleport to a specific zone.

The following stones exist, mentioned in a clockwise manner, starting from the northwest:

Hint: Click the table column headers to sort
Zone Nearby City Label on Map
Mountains of Rathe Gukta Gukta
Misty Thicket Rivervale Rivervale
Butcherblock Mountains Kaladim Kaladim
Greater Faydark Kelethin Kelethin
Everfrost Peaks Halas Halas
Greater Faydark Felwithe Felwithe
Toxxulia Forest Erudin Erudin
Nexus, The The Nexus
Great Divide, The Thurgadin Great Divide
Shadeweaver's Thicket Shar Vahl, The City of Shar Vahl
North Qeynos Qeynos Qeynos
Blightfire Moors Crescent Reach Crescent Reach
Plane of Tranquility, The Tranquility
Firiona Vie Firiona Vie Firiona Vie
West Freeport Freeport (West Freeport) Freeport
Steamfont Mountains Ak'Anon Ak'Anon
Arena Arena
Field of Bone, The Cabilis Cabilis
Innothule Swamp Grobb Grobb Portal
Nektulos Forest Neriak Neriak
Feerrott, The Oggok Oggok
Overthere, The Overthere Outpost Overthere
Toxxulia Forest Paineel Paineel
Gulf of Gunthak Gunthak

Other Teleport Stones

Other "stones" (or objects) in the game can provide teleports. Objects that are obvious links between two zones are not listed, but what follows is a non-exhaustive list of such objects.


All casters (not hybrids) can buy the Gate spell at level 4 or 5. Gate returns you to your current bind point.

Your bind point can be set either by having a spell caster cast Bind Affinity on you, or you can bind yourself in almost any city by visiting the local Soulbinder, for example Soulbinder Jera in The Plane of Knowledge.

Teleport Spells

A Gnome Wizard casts a teleport spell.

Druids and Wizards get access to a large amount of teleport spells to locations all over the world, which each come in three types:

In addition to this, they get evacuate spells, called Succor for Druids and Evacuate for Wizards. The basic set of evacuate spells teleport your group to the safe point in your current zone, typically the entrance of a dungeon or a fixed point in an open zone, for example: Evacuate. Other evacuate spells teleport your group to a specific zone, for example: Evacuate West, which teleports to The Western Plains of Karana.

Evacuate spells were introduced with the Ruins of Kunark expansion, and to begin with, the zone-porting evacuate spells (such as Wind of the South) could only be used from within Kunark dungeons. This restriction has since been lifted, and more evacuate spells have been added. Evacuate spells are slightly "unstable", meaning that one or more group members have a small risk of being left behind. Some of the evacuate spells in the early levels also drain mana. Their benefit is that they cast quicker than the regular teleport spells, and of course the in-zone evacuate spells are very handy for getting out of a deep dungeon crawl, or used cleverly to cross zones.

Other types of teleport spells are:


Anchors provide additional bind points that players can teleport to. First, visit a Loyalty merchant, for example Alerynril the Loyal in The Plane of Knowledge, just near the stone to Crescent Reach. She sells, amongst other items, Primary Anchor Package (216 Loyalty Crowns), Secondary Anchor Package (216 Loyalty Crowns) and Guild Hall Anchor Package (432 Loyalty Crowns, Druid and Wizard only).

A package is opened and turned into items by right-clicking it, and the different packages contain the following:

The Primary and Secondary anchors function in the same manner. You place the anchor in your house, yard or guild hall (Lore, so only one per player per guild hall), and you are then able to teleport to it using the corresponding transport device, which has a reuse time of 1 hour, 12 minutes. A Druid or Wizard with the relevant spells can also teleport themselves, group members or all nearby players to their anchor.

The Guild Hall Anchor, only usable by a Druid or Wizard, can be placed in the player's Guild Hall, and only a Druid or Wizard with the corresponding teleport spell can then teleport all nearby allies to the anchor.

Guild Hall Teleport

The cave in the Guild Hall with Zeflmin Werlikanin and the "crystal geode" teleportation device.

If you are a member of a guild (you can create one yourself, with you as the sole member if you wish), you have access to the Guild Hall. It is accessed via a door labelled "Standard Guild Hall" in the north end of the Guild Lobby, which you click to enter. Inside the Guild Hall, turn right, and go into the room in the southeast corner of the room. Here you will find a Gnome merchant named Zeflmin Werlikanin who sells portal stones, for example Forest Emerald of Faydark, which can be used to travel.

Most stones have a name that indicate to which zone it leads. Buy the stone you desire, and trade it back to the Gnome. If you turn left, you will see a little cave with a pool of water and particles radiating from it. This is the teleport which is now "charged" from handing in a stone to Zeflmin, and if you step into it, a prompt will appear after a few seconds, asking you to confirm if you want to take the teleport.

The teleport remains charged for some time so that your guild mates can also make use of it. To change the location of the teleport, simply buy and trade a new stone to Zeflmin.

The following stones are available:

Hint: Click the table column headers to sort
Stone Price Teleport Location
Arcstone Spirit Sapphire 94 pp Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
Broken Timestone 104 pp The Plane of Time
Chipped Shard of Slaughter 62 pp Wall of Slaughter
Chunk of Argathian Steel 236 pp Argath, Bastion of Illdaera
Cloudy Stone of Veeshan 104 pp The Plane of Sky
Crystallized Dream of the Feerrott 209 pp The Feerrott (Feerrott, the Dream)
Dragonscale Faycite 157 pp Dragonscale Hills
Etched Marble of Barindu 52 pp Barindu, Hanging Gardens
Forest Emerald of Faydark 10 pp Greater Faydark
Frozen Shard of Iceclad 41 pp The Iceclad Ocean
Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk 52 pp The Plane of Hate
Goru'kar Mesa Sandstone 104 pp Goru`kar Mesa
Grassy Pebble Of The Commonlands 10 pp The Commonlands
Karana Plains Pebble 10 pp The Northern Plains of Karana
Katta Castrum Powerstone 104 pp Katta Castrum
Lavastorm Magma 20 pp The Lavastorm Mountains
Moss Agate of Stonebrunt 31 pp Stonebrunt Mountains
Opal of Toxxulia 10 pp Toxxulia Forest
Shadowed Sand of the Twilight Sea 52 pp The Twilight Sea
Shattered Bone of the Dreadlands 41 pp The Dreadlands
Splinter from a Guild Standard 157 pp Location of the player's Guild Standard
Stone of the Shard's Fall 262 pp Shard's Landing
Undershore Coral 36 pp Undershore
Unrefined Brellium Ore 209 pp Brell's Rest

Wizard Spires

The wizard spires of The Northern Plains of Karana.

With the Shadows of Luclin expansion, a set of wizard spires in the world were paired with matching spires in The Nexus, allowing players to travel back and forth between the old world and Luclin. The spires are:

At each spire you will find an NPC in the center named Nexus Scion. Say "i wish to journey to luclin" to the NPC, and you will be given a Spire Stone. If you keep this in your inventory and stay near the Nexus Scion, you will eventually be teleported to The Nexus, within a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes.

In The Nexus, there are four small spires with five Scion NPCs (the western one covers both Odus and Velious). Listen to the announcements made by "A Mystic Voice" in your chat, and you will be notified of when the portals take place.

The Luclin spires were better than nothing in the old days, but they went obsolete with the introduction of the Plane of Knowledge teleport stones with the Planes of Power expansion.

Items (Clickies)

Several items exist with a teleport ability. They can be separated into three categories: Weapons that proc a teleport, items (clickies) with unlimited charges, and items with limited charges..

Weapons with procs:

Items with unlimited charges:

Items with limited charges:


Potions are usually one-time use.

AA Teleports

Certain AA abilities provide the ability to teleport.


The Seaking leaving Butcherblock Mountains.

The boats between the older continents are still in-game, although at times, some of them are non-functional. The following boat routes are in place:

Boats currently in service:

From Butcherblock Mountains (dock in the northwest, northern pier) through The Ocean of Tears (stops at "Sister Island" in the northeast) to East Freeport (dock in the northeast).
The ship (The Seaking) travels west through the northern part of The Ocean of Tears.

From East Freeport (dock in the northeast) through The Ocean of Tears (stops at "Fisher's Island" in the southwest) to Butcherblock Mountains (dock in the northwest, northern pier).
The ship (The Seaking) travels east through the southern part of The Ocean of Tears.

From Erudin (dock in the north) to Erud's Crossing to South Qeynos (dock in the west of the city).
The ship (The Sirensbane) enters Erud's Crossing from the northwest, and sails to the south without stopping at the central island. It then sails east, and zones into South Qeynos.

From South Qeynos (dock in the west of the city) through Erud's Crossing (stops at the central island) to Erudin (dock in the north).
The ship (The Sirensbane) enters Erud's Crossing from the southeast, sails north, then stops at the central island. After docking, it continues northwest and zones into Erudin.

From Butcherblock Mountains (dock in the northwest, southern pier, small shuttles) through Timorous Deep back to Butcherblock Mountains.
The shuttles (named Shuttle) dock by the grand ship Maiden`s Voyage in the northeast corner of Timorous Deep, which provides further travel around the zone and other places in Kunark. They return to Butcherblock Mountains shortly after.

From The Overthere (dock by the outpost) to Timorous Deep (northwestern island) back to The Overthere.
The ship (Bloated Belly) enters Timorous Deep in the center and sails north, then docks at the northwestern island. It then continues south and zones back into The Overthere just off the east coast of the western island.

From Timorous Deep (Maiden`s Voyage, large ship docked via shuttles from Butcherblock Mountains) to Firiona Vie.
Maiden`s Voyage meets up with shuttles from two locations: To the south, just northwest of the southeast island with the elven outpost, and to the northeast, where the shuttles arrive from Butcherblock Mountains. After picking up the last shuttles, it sails counter-clockwise around the islands to the northeast, then zones into Firiona Vie as it reaches the center of the zone.

From Firiona Vie (dock in the south of the city) through Timorous Deep back to Firiona Vie.
The ship (Maiden`s Voyage) sails south upon entering Timorous Deep, then counter-clockwise around the island in the east part of the zone. It then stops by the arriving shuttles from Butcherblock Mountains in the northeast before returning to Firiona Vie.

From South Desert of Ro (dock in the northeast) to Timorous Deep back to South Desert of Ro.
The raft (Barrel Barge) enters Timorous Deep from the northwest and docks by the beach at the large island in the northwest. Shortly after, it returns to South Desert of Ro.

Boats not in service:

From North Desert of Ro (dock in the southeast along the shore) to The Iceclad Ocean (dock on small island to the far east).
The raft travels only a small way into The Iceclad Ocean, and stops at a small island to the east. From there, board The Icebreaker, which takes you to the western islands, inhabited by Gnomes.
Not in service, use Translocators instead (see later section).

From The Iceclad Ocean (dock on small island to the far east) to North Desert of Ro (dock in the southeast along the shore).
Board The Icebreaker from the western islands inhabited by Gnomes, and sail far east to a small island. From there, a raft leads to North Desert of Ro.
Not in service, use Translocators instead (see later section).


Translocator Kurione in The Iceclad Ocean.

As the boats of the game have been very unstable throughout the times, Gnomes with convenient teleports are placed at most docks. Hail then, and they will tell you what to say to them in order to get teleported. For example, say 'travel to ocean of tears' to Translocator Fithop at the docks in Butcherblock Mountains in order to get a teleport to the "Sister Island" in The Ocean of Tears. The translocators and their travel destinations are:

Hint: Click the table column headers to sort
Zone NPC Teleport Location
Butcherblock Mountains, dock in the northwest, northern pier Translocator Fithop The Ocean of Tears, "Sister Island" in the northwest
Butcherblock Mountains, dock in the northwest, southern pier Translocator Gethia Timorous Deep, island with elven outpost in the southeast
East Freeport Translocator Setikan The Ocean of Tears, "Sister Island" in the northwest
Erud's Crossing Translocator Jempar Erudin, dock in the north - or - South Qeynos, dock in the west of the city
Erudin, dock in the north Translocator Eniela Erud's Crossing, central island
Firiona Vie, dock in the south of the city Translocator Drabilt Timorous Deep, dock on the large island to the southeast
North Desert of Ro, dock in the southeast along the shore Translocator Ionie The Iceclad Ocean, dock on the central island inhabited by Gnomes
South Desert of Ro Translocator Tradil Timorous Deep, northwestern island
South Qeynos Translocator Sedina Erudin, dock in the north
The Iceclad Ocean, dock on the central island inhabited by Gnomes Translocator Kurione North Desert of Ro, dock in the southeast along the shore - or - to the island in the far east (a "dead end")
The Ocean of Tears, "Sister Island" in the northwest Translocator Narrik Butcherblock Mountains, dock in the northwest, northern pier - or - East Freeport, dock in the northeast
The Overthere, dock by the outpost Translocator Breya Timorous Deep, northwestern island
Timorous Deep, island with elven outpost in the southeast Translocator Deela Butcherblock Mountains, dock in the northwest, southern pier - or - Firiona Vie, dock in the south of the city
Timorous Deep, northwestern island Translocator Jorbin Butcherblock Mountains, dock in the northwest, northern pier

Return Home from Character Selection Screen

On the character selection screen is a button labeled "Return Home". Click it, and a confirmation box appears. Click Yes, and your character will login, "gated" to his or her place of origin. This ability can be used after 18 minutes (or longer) since your last login to the game world. In other words, if you wake up after a night's sleep, the Return Home button will be available. Upon using it and logging in, then out, it will become active again after 18 minutes.

Wayfarer Camps (Magus)

The wayfarer camp of North Desert of Ro.

With the Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion, a group of adventurers, known as wayfarers, set up camps around the world. At every camp is a Magus, who provides teleports to other camps. In addition, a Magus in the Guild Lobby provides an easy to access link.

Magus Alaria in the Guild Lobby initially provides a teleport to Nedaria's Landing - say 'nedaria' to her. By completing the quest Adventurer's Stone, you can gain access to more teleports from her and other Magus NPCs around the world. However, the Magus in Nedaria's Landing provides teleports to all all available camps, so you can just teleport back and forth if you don't want to do the quest. The following teleports are available:

Other NPC Teleports

Some NPCs provide special teleports.

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