NPC Mechanics

NPCs function in the same manner as players in some aspects; completely different in others.

NPC Stats

NPCs also have stats, although which and how they work is generally unknown. A few are either obvious or well-known.

Reaction Radius (Aggro Range)

The reaction radius, mostly referred to as aggro range by players, is the range within which agressive monsters will automatically engage and attack players. Only monsters that 'con' threateningly or scowling will engage a player. The reaction radius of monsters appears to be fixed per zone, and varies wildly. An example of a zone where monsters have a huge reaction radius is the old Plane of Fear, where monsters will engage players from very far away. An example of the opposite is The Lair of the Splitpaw (Infected Paw), where monsters have an extraordinarily low reaction radius.

The reaction radius of a monster can reduced with 'Lull' type spells, such as Lull, which lowers the reaction radius of monsters up to a certain level.

Frenzy Radius (Assist Range)

The frenzy radius, mostly referred to as assist range by players, is the range within which a monster that gets attacked will "shout for help", and attract the attention of its buddies. If you shoot an arrow at a monster that's standing right next to another on the same faction, the other one will come with it. If the monster's buddies are far enough away, they will not come.

The "shout for help" will not chain or jump, meaning that the buddy that came with the first one will not perform a new shout for help.

The frenzy radius of monsters varies.

The frenzy radius of a monster can reduced with 'Lull' type spells, such as Pacify, which lowers the frenzy radius of monsters up to a certain level.

Hate (Threat) and Hate List

Hate (or threat) is a number that indicates how much a player has hold of an NPC, which makes the NPC attack that particular player instead of others nearby. Hate is basically gained by doing damage and casting spells on the NPC, and various formulas exist that determine how much hate is gained for each attack or spell.

All NPCs keep a hate list, which is started every time the NPC enters combat, and reset when it leaves combat. Upon engaging an NPC, each player performing attacking the NPC, via melee or spells, will get on the NPCs hate list, and their rank on the list will constantly be updated depending on which player has performed the most "hateful" actions. If the number one player on the hate list dies, the NPC will begin attacking the second player, who will then become the number one target again.

Hate is of great concern to tanks and plays an important role of raiding, where players gang together to take down the toughest monsters.

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