Potions provide players with buffs and effects of various levels of usefulness. There are two main sources of potions: Merchant-bought potions and potions crafted with Alchemy, the Shaman-only tradeskill.

Table of Contents

1 Merchant-bought Potions
1.1 Distillate of Alacrity
1.2 Distillate of Celestial Healing
1.3 Distillate of Clarity
1.4 Distillate of Divine Healing
1.5 Distillate of Health
1.6 Distillate of Replenishment
1.7 Distillate of Spirituality
2 Alchemy Potions
2.1 Distillate of Skinspikes
2.2 Philter of Major Translocation
2.3 Philter of Unlife Awareness
2.4 Philter of the Ant
2.5 Philter of the Wolf

Merchant-bought Potions

Potion merchant Alchemist Redsa in The Plane of Knowledge.

The merchants Alchemist Redsa, Elwin Razorfur and Ralkor Stoneclaw in Plane of Knowledge, in the western trader building, along with Alchemist Adeben in Crescent Reach, sell an array of basic potions. Some of them only sell a certain level range of potions. All potions can also be crafted by a Shaman with Alchemy.

Distillate of Alacrity

Example: Distillate of Alacrity X

Grants a melee haste buff for 30 minutes, scaling from 5% haste at level 1 to 50% haste for the level 65 version. No higher versions exist. This potion is a must for melee classes who are without access to other forms of haste buffs.

Distillate of Celestial Healing

Example: Distillate of Celestial Healing X

Grants a heal over time (HoT) lasting 5 ticks, healing an amount appropriate for the potion's level. 2 minute recast delay. A good potion for the solo player without access to healing spells.

Distillate of Clarity

Example: Distillate of Clarity X

Grants a buff that regens mana every tick for 30 minutes, appropriate for its level. An extremely useful potion for classes with mana that lack access to Enchanter mana regen.

Distillate of Divine Healing

Example: Distillate of Divine Healing X

Instantly heals you. An equal level Distillate of Celestial Healing will heal you for more in total, but over time, so this one should be reserved for emergencies. 2 minute recast delay.

Distillate of Health

Example: Distillate of Health X

Grants a 30 minute buff that increases your AC and maximum HP. Does not stack with any similar Cleric/Paladin buffs, including those from healer mercenaries.

Distillate of Replenishment

Example: Distillate of Replenishment X

Grants a 30 minute buff that increases your HP regeneration. The versions of this potion that are below level 70 are not sold in PoK.

Distillate of Spirituality

Example: Distillate of Spirituality X

Grants a 30 minute buff that increases your HP and mana regeneration. This gives much less regeneration than Distillate of Clarity (mana) or Distillate of Replenishment (HP), but combines the two. The versions of this potion that are below level 70 are not sold in PoK.

Alchemy Potions

In addition to the merchant-bought potions, alchemists (Shaman only) can create a huge amount of potions, of varying use. Listed here are some of the most useful ones.

Distillate of Skinspikes

Example: Distillate of Skinspikes X

Grants a damage shield for 20 minutes, starting at 10 points of damage at level 1. The damage shield is very powerful at low levels, and relatively weak at high levels.

Philter of Major Translocation

Philter of Major Translocation

Performs a Gate to your bind point.

Philter of Unlife Awareness

Philter of Unlife Awareness

Grants Invisibility versus Undead.

Philter of the Ant

Philter of the Ant

Shrinks the player.

Philter of the Wolf

Example: Philter of the Wolf V

Grants Spirit of Wolf, a movement speed buff. The buff grants more speed with higher ranks of the potion (I-V).

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