Death & Resurrection

You die when your hitpoints have reached 0, and your purple "unconsciousness hitpoints" have also been depleted.

Table of Contents

1 Unconsciousness
2 Hover Mode
3 Resurrection
4 Experience Loss
5 Items and Coin
6 Corpse Summoning
7 Corpse Dragging


When your hitpoints reach 0, you go unconscious. Your health bar is then replaced by a purple bar, which contains a relatively tiny amount of extra hitpoints (around 10 at low levels). These hitpoints also regenerate and can be healed, and any healing that takes you to full is carried on into your red health bar, to provide real healing.

In reality, players usually only experience the purple bar at very low levels where monsters hit for very little. At higher levels you're most likely to go straight to death when you take a large hit that kills you.

The purple bar can be made larger with the AA Delay Death (General tab), allowing you a bit more leeway to get healed when you fall unconscious.

Hover Mode

Upon dying, you enter a "hover mode", where you see your bloody corpse from above. The only UI element you see is your chat box, and a box with two options:

The only option initially available is to the first one, and clicking the Respawn button will return you to your bind point. This will leave you with a 2-minute debuff called Revival Sickness that caps your mana and endurance at 20%, and you will have 100% health, 20% mana and 20% endurance.

If you receive a resurrection, option number two becomes available:

Click the greened out line, then click the Respawn button, and you will be resurrected and regain experience if the type of resurrection provides it. This will leave you with a 4-minute debuff called Resurrection Sickness which reduces your WIS/INT by 50, your attack speed by 5%, STR by about 100 (gradually increasing), and you will have 100% health, 0% mana and 0% endurance.

If you wait too long and the respawn timer bar expires, the hover mode box disappears, and you will be returned to your bind point.


Getting a resurrection ("res" or "rez") is much easier in modern EverQuest than it was. There are several options:

There is a timer of 3 hours in place before your corpse becomes unavailable for resurrection.

Experience Loss

Starting at level 6, dying incurs around 4-8% lost experience; less at lower levels, up to 8% at higher levels. If your experience amount into a level is below the loss, you will lose a level. If you have scribed any spells for your new level, you will be unable to cast them until you have regained your level. Any AA trained at your new level will also be ineffectual until you have regained your level.

The amount of experience you regain from a 96% resurrection is 96% of the percentage of experience you lost. For example, if you lost 8% experience and get a 96% resurrection, you will regain approximately 7.68% experience.

You cannot lose AA experience from dying.

Items and Coin

As of the October 7, 2008 patch, you now respawn with all your items, coin and bags on you, and your spells stay memorized. This reduces the consequences of dying to experience loss and some travel to recover your corpse for resurrection.

Corpse Summoning

A Priestess of Luclin in the Guild Lobby provides corpse summoning.

If you can't simply walk to your corpse, there are ways of summoning it.

Corpse Dragging

You and other players can drag corpses to resurrect in a safe spot. First, they must be given consent to do so, which you can do with the /consent command. Type /consent followed by the name of the person you wish to allow to drag your corpse; for example: /consent Zliz.

You can also set options that automatically consent your group, guild and/or raid in the Options dialog:

After being given consent, either manually or automatically, you can drag a corpse in two ways:

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